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About Us

Snow Records Japan is a place that connects the hearts of buyers and sellers.


Snow Records makes buying old, nostalgic vinyl records as easy as possible.
Our aim is to make the record buying experience easy and enjoyable for everyone, just like it used to be.

We want to be your online "neighborhood record shop," and we would be happy to have your patronage for years to come.
Here we don't just sell old "things" or "sounds"; instead, we hope to bring together the memories sellers have for their goods with the strong feelings buyers have for the items they hope to purchase. We hope to be a bridge that can connect the hearts of buyers and sellers alike.

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The goods we currently handle include vintage-used vinyl records from all genres, including both imported vinyls and Japanese pressing with obi.
We handle goods no matter how expensive or cheap, and we have a collection of close to 25,000 items from over 90 genres.
Every day we are constantly replenishing large numbers of goods on our sales list.

kaitori records

Selling Policies

We aim to be the number one online record store in Japan for how carefully we treat our records.

Staff Gloves

Why do all the employees of Snow Records wear gloves?

In our store, whether we are doing cleaning, entering product information, or grading records, all of our staff wear their own pair of specialized gloves.
We take the utmost care to ensure that the records and their jackets are not dirtied or stained by fingerprints in any way.
We treat all used goods, including items that are no longer being produced and that are one of a kind, as vintage items. Every item, regardless of price, is important, treated equally, and handled with great care when we receive it from a seller.
In order to preserve the value of all our products, all members of our staff wear gloves and handle all items carefully.


All used items sold in our store undergo a simple cleaning process conducted by our staff.

The cleaning we do is essentially very basic, and for items where there is a risk that cleaning may cause the item's value to drop, we sell the product as-is.
Cleaning methods vary from collector to collector, so we do no more than basic cleaning in order to ensure that all products purchased are in such a condition that they can be easily adapted to any collector's cleaning style.

Cleaning Solution

We use purified water diluted with a very small amount (no more than 1/20th of the total solution) of pure ethanol to clean our products.

Removing Static Electricity

We use specialized equipment in order to eliminate static electricity.

Other Care Products

Besides the above-mentioned cleaning solution, static electricity removal equipment, and other record care products, we also use specialized items such as cloth made for handling records, as well as carry out cleaning and maintenance.

Record Covers & Protective Plastic Bags for Records

inner sleeve outer sleeve

When listed on our website for purchase, the protective inner and outer bags for exchangeable records are replaced with new ones. However, as a result of the storage process, creases, wear, or other forms of degradation may appear on inner and outer bags.
Our store sells new bags, so in the case of any issues, please go here to purchase new ones.
In the event that replacing an older bag with a new one would reduce the value of the item, we sell the item with the original bag as-is.


In general, we remove our gloves during the packaging process. Because many of our packing materials are made of plastic, we remove our gloves as to prevent anything from slipping and causing an accident. We thank you for your understanding.

When one orders a record that is shipped with the disk left inside the record jacket, movement during shipping can cause damage and tears to the top and bottom of the jacket, as well as damage its spine. This significantly hurts the value of the record, and it is for this reason that for all used products in our store, we remove the disk from the jacket before shipping.

1.The disk is placed inside a round-bottom inner sleeve.

inner sleeve

2. The disk and the disk jacket are both placed inside a special plastic outer sleeve.

outer sleeve

3. In addition, we also use extra cushioning (bubble wrap).

bubble wrap

4. Finally, everything is packaged inside the cardboard box.

See the explanation pictures below for a more concrete understanding.

When ordering a single LP record

1. We used a box designed for records with corners that do not degrade.
2. Cushioning (bubble wrap) is spread over both sides, on the front and back.
3. The box is put together with tape.
4. It's sealed tightly.
5. The address label is attached, and it's finished!

When ordering multiple records


1. We construct a box specifically for multiple items.


2. In order to prevent the bottom from opening, we tape it securely.


3. It's taped in a cross shape.


4. The box is complete!


5. Everything is placed in a plastic bag to prevent movement.


6. The top is then wrapped in cushioning (bubble wrap).


7. Winding around...


8. And wrapping up.


9. All four corners


10. are tightly


11. wrapped up


12. with tape.


13. Even with just this it's quite sturdy.


14. Everything is very carefully placed inside the box.


15. The gaps near the four corners are tight enough to prevent movement, but also able to absorb sudden movements well.


16. After that, the top of the box is firmly secured with tape.


17. Tightly...


18. To prevent the box from suddenly opening.


19. The tape is


20. secured in a cross shape


21. and sealed tight. With this the packaging is almost complete. Even when shaking the box the insides do not move, and the slight gaps absorb any impacts or movement. 


22. The address label is attached, and it's finished!


As stated above, by using special cardboard boxes with corners that do not degrade, as well boxes that are an extra size larger, we prevent the damage done to products as a result of physical impacts and movement.

By using the above shipping procedures since the company began in 2003, the likelihood of damage to our products as a result of shipping has remained extremely low, so please rest assured when ordering.

However, our plastic protective bags (round-bottom bags and jacket protection bags) are considered disposable items, so they may tear during shipping.

If this occurs, our store can provide new plastic bags, which are sold separately.

Shipping Method

All items purchased from our website are shipped via Japan Post. We provide tracking numbers for shipped packages, as well as fixed-rate damage/loss insurance.

Our Feelings Towards Sales

We do not hire outside employees to clean our products, nor do we ship items through external warehouses. Everything, including cleaning, item storage, accepting orders, and shipping products, is done by the employees of Snow Records.

Since our founding, we have never simply sold items, but have done our best to preserve the condition of the items we receive from our sellers. By carefully cleaning, maintaining, and storing goods as to prevent any loss in their value, Snow Records' objective is to provide the safe delivery of goods from one collector to the next.

While our store is still small, and while we may not be perfect in many ways, we hope to be able to continue to provide you with our services over time.

We would be happy to see you use Snow Records for all of your shopping needs.

About Hokuhokutou, Inc.

Hokuhokutou, Inc. operates SnowRecords.com.

Hokuhokutou, Inc. sincerely hopes to bring happiness and smiles to all of its customers and sellers through the services provided by SnowRecords.com, as well as to all of the SnowRecords.com employees and their families.

Furthermore, for the customers who are able to receive some happiness by using the services of SnowRecords.com, it is our hope that they will continue to grow in positive ways, as if moving "north-north-east" (hokuhokutou) as indicated by the needle of a compass.

Hokuhokutou is double meaning.
 "Hoku-Hoku" means "very pleased with happiness smile"
 "Tou" means "party/group"
 "Hoku-Hoku-Tou" means "North-Northeast" as indicated by the needle of a compass just like a soaring stock chart

We hope our business brings you happiness and smiles!

Hokuhokutou, Inc.'s Wish

Here we do not just "buy and sell" things, but communicate the feelings that exist in used goods. Our aim is to be a company that can warm the hearts of everyone involved, whether one is a buyer, seller, or staff member.

In order to achieve these goals as a company, our staff members aim to be as human and approachable as possible. And in accordance with our company's policies, we focus on hiring female employees who exhibit kind and warm personalities.

See our Staffs


Snow Records Office


We are located at:
5-6-3-805, Nishi-Nakajima
Yodogawa, Osaka
ZIP: 532-0011
fax +81 6 6308 0788
Hokuhokutou, Inc.(Snow Records Japan)

Open:Monday - Friday AM10:00-PM16:00
Close:Saturday, Sunday, Japanese National Holidays

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Thanks for your interest in Snow Records Japan(Hokuhokutou, Inc.). In business since 2003, our mission is to provide the best quality & quantity Japanese pressing Vinyl Records, CD and Laserdisc.

Snow Records Japan is a mail order shop and cannot purchase at office. However, you can order by website and pick up at office directly to save on shipping. Please let us know if you come to office for picking the records up . If you come to Japan, we can ship to your hotel.

Store Name Snow Records Japan
Company Name Hokuhokutou,Inc.
License Used article seller Osaka Prefacture No.621151803374
address 5-6-3-805, Nishi-nakajima, Yodogawa, Osaka 532-0011 Japan
email service[AT]snowrecords.com
Please change from [AT] to @
tel/fax +81 6 6308 0788
Our English is not very well. please contact by email.
Open Hours 10:00 - 16:00(Monday-Friday). Saturday opens for buying and System Maintenance only.
Representative Tomo Ando
Employee 6 people
Shop since November 2003
Company since December 2005
Payment Methods

PayPal(Credit Card is available by using Paypal imvoice without making account)

Shipping Methods

1.Registered SAL(small packet or parcel)
3.SAL Parcel

Shipping Time Dispatch within 3 days after we verify the payment.
*SAL takes 10-21 days or longer.
*EMS takes 5-10 days
Return Basically we don't accept any return and refund.
Please see our store policy
Return Fee Buyer
Privacy Policy Please see our private policy for more details.

https://www.snowrecords.com (English)
https://blog.snowrecords.com/ (English Blog)
https://www.snowrecords.jp (Japanese)
https://www.snowrecords.com (Japanese Blog)

Company History Nov. 2003 : Established as a online webshop for HM/HR collectors at www.snowrecords.com
Dec. 2005 : Established the company.


To Japanese customers



販売業者 合資会社ほくほくとう
運営統括責任者名 安藤智彦
郵便番号 532-0011
住所 大阪市淀川区西中島5丁目6番3-805号


申込有効期限 ・ご注文を頂いた後、当店から在庫確認後のお支払方法の御案内があった日より3日以内
不良品 ・商品到着日より7日以内にその旨の連絡を下さい
販売数量 ・特別の記載無き物は全て現品のみ
引渡し時期 ・購入者の入金連絡メールを当店が確認後、支払いを確認し、その時点から2営業日日以内に発送。

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お支払い期限 ・ご注文時
返品期限 ・メディアの性質上返品はお受付しておりません。但し当方の発送ミスの場合を除く。
返品送料 ・国内配送分
資格・免許 古物商 大阪府公安委員会 第621151803374号
屋号またはサービス名 ・日本語表記=「スノー・レコード」
・英語表記=「Snow Records Japan」
電話番号 お電話にての対応は行っておりません
公開メールアドレス service@snowrecords.com
ホームページアドレス https://www.snowrecords.com

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