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The staff below make strenuous efforts every day for our customers.



Ando, Tomo

Tomo Ando

Name Ando, Tomo
Position Co-Founder and Managing Director
URL Blog
Favorite Genre 70's to 80's hard rock and progressive rock.
Yngwie, Kansas, The Sweet, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Andrew W.K.
Interest Collecting vinyl records
Jogging(Full:4h15m, Half:1h54m, 10km:58m)
Reading(miritally, history)

Born in January 1972. From Gifu prefecture. A graduate of the Meiji University School of Arts and Letters, Department of German literature.
Born to a father from Gifu prefecture and a mother from Ukejima in the Amami archipelago, Kagoshima prefecture. He has an ancestor who took part, with a spear, in the Battle of Sekigahara and the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute.
After graduating university in 1994, he entered a foods company. He was assigned to the Osaka branch where his long life in Osaka began. He opened Snow Records in 2003, after retiring as a businessman because he was poor at karaoke and golf. He became the representative partner of Hokuhokutou, Inc. upon its incorporation in 2005.
Before opening Snow Records, he became absorbed with Scandinavian rock and followed his passion there, gathering information on record shops, musicians, record labels and collectors, and buying records for his personal collection, as well as penning the Japanese liner notes for an imported dictionary of Scandinavian rock.
Due to his interchange with local collectors, he slowly transitioned to work related to the records he had collected since his middle school days as a record buff, which leads to the present day.
With thoughts of his relative, fighting hard with spear in hand, he is currently struggling day to day with records in hand.
The photograph is from Orebro in Sweden, published in a local newspaper while he was visiting a large scale record fair.


Ando Y

Name Ando, Y.
Position Co-Founder and Company Director
URL Blog
Favorite Genre Showa Kayo, Oldies、Spitz
Interest Jogging(Full:4h15m, Half:1h53m, 10km:53m)
Health Club(Step Exercise)
Jigsaw Puzzle

Responsible for customer orders, shipping, financial affairs and all other business.
Born in October 1975. From Osaka prefecture. Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Doshisha University.
Born to a father from Kumamoto Prefecture and a mother from Osaka prefecture. The spouse of the company Managing Director. A former Tenjin festival Mikoshi Gal and current Kumamoto Castle “volunteer castle owner”. She joined the company after being forced into it by the company Managing Director.
She is now devoted to smoothly carrying out her work for the benefit of our customers. A dependable employee who completes the company accounts by herself without relying on help from a tax accountant.



Iwata Y

Name Iwata, Y.
Position Responsible for customer service and all 7"singles.
URL Blog
Favorite Genre 90's Music, Meja、Oasis、Glay、Mr.Childresn
Interest Cafe hopping, Music listening, Movie, Reading, Language

Born in August 1982. From Hyogo prefecture. Graduate of Kansai Gaidai University.
Her mother is from Amami Oshima.
She learnt both English and Chinese at university, and can hum a few songs in Chinese. After graduation, she studied English in 2006 and 2009 for 4 months at a time, in a place called Iloilo in the Philippines.
During that time, she became interested in Filipino singers and bands after watching music programs on a daily basis. She knows very limited (greeting level) Ilongo (the language of the Iloilo region).
Also, due to influence from her friends during her study abroad, she also knows greeting level Korean (although she seems to have forgotten it lately).


Kono Y

Name Kono, Y.
Position Responsible for 12" vinyl records grading
URL Blog
Favorite Genre Rock, Remix
Interest Music listening, Movie, Language

Born in December 1987. From Osaka prefecture. Graduate of Kansai Gaidai University.
While I struggle away during the day surrounded by records, at night I teach English at a prep school.
I love English and music, and together with the pleasure of being able to work in a job I have always wanted to do, I will continue to put 100% of my effort into doing the best I can for our customers.
I became interested in other European languages at university, and started learning foreign languages as a hobby.
Although I am still only at the beginner level with all of them, my goal at the moment is to first improve my Italian and French skills. I would like to visit many beautiful European places with beautiful scenery one day!
While at the moment I am just starting out as a working adult and as a member of staff at this record store, I am studying every day for the benefit of our customers, and I would like to continue performing my work with a feeling of humility.
Through the records and with exchange between our customers, I will try my best to increase my knowledge of music, mail-order, and to increase the amount of music I like and develop as a working adult.
I am looking forward to doing business with you.


Shiga M

Name Shiga, M.
Position Responsible for image processing, merchandise data entry
URL Blog
Favorite Genre Guitar pop, Power pop, Soft rock, Teenage Funclub, Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, Hollies
Interest Collecting random stuff, Travel, Live

Born in February 1979. From Kanagawa prefecture. Graduate of Komazawa Women’s Junior College.
Waking up to music as a high school student, she began going to live shows. After going to see a lot of indie bands’ shows, she thought that she could start a band too, and in her 20s, formed a band with her friends.
She was the bassist and backing vocalist. After 4 or 5 years and a few live performances in places like Kobe and Osaka, the band broke up.
After graduating from Junior College, she started working at a second hand record store and was responsible for the CDs and DVDs. She married and gave birth in 2006, quitting work to look after her children.
She became a full time housewife and in 2012, joined our store.
At the moment I am grappling with records while rearing my two children.
I enjoy being surrounded by music all day and working for the first time in a long time. Although I may have some shortcomings, I will try my hardest, and I am looking forward to doing business with you.

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