Feedback from our customers.

We know that sometimes, first time customers and those who have yet to patronize our store might have concerns, such as, "Just what kind of store is Snow Records?", "Can I trust them when selling records or placing mail orders?", or "I'm worried about their reviews/reputation!"

Below, we have put together various reviews that we have received from our customers up until now, thinking that it would help even a little bit to alleviate some customer concerns.

I hope that it will be of use when using our store.

<List of reviews from domestic mail order customers>

*From Buyers

*Amazon Japan

<List of reviews from domestic customers that have sold records>

*From Sellers

<List of reviews from international mail order customers>



*CD and LP

<Snow Records Japan Information>

Our store's self introduction section is also here, so please check it out as well.

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As mentioned above, we have received various user reviews at a number of places other than this site.
A brief message from our store representative is included below, and we would be happy if you checked that out as well.

<Message from our representative>

Among the large number of used record shop mail order websites, thank you very much for visiting Snow Records this time.
I am thankful from the bottom of my heart.

Since our founding in 2003, we have continued to operate steadily towards our goal of being a leading online record store.

Ever since starting a record store by myself, there has been no substitute for the warm, encouraging words from customers that give me strength, and although there have been challenges, our staff has grown and somehow we have been able to continue operations up to the present.

As for our reviews/reputation, of course we receive some harsh opinions which I take full responsibility for as the representative, but the warm words really provide the entire staff with heartfelt happiness and encouragement.

It is still a small shop, and although complaints often arise and we cannot always meet our customers' demands, we hope to steadily, sincerely, and humbly continue to better our service and make improvements even a little bit at a time based on the feedback that we have received.

There is no greater joy than if we can be supported by everyone's words and continue operations for just a little while longer, so that we can save even a single record that might be overlooked and thrown away in another shop and bring it to a customer who is searching for it.

In addition to the reviews above, you can also reference our recently instituted Google reviews. It is accessible to anyone with a Google account.
You can post anonymously if you create a nickname for your account.
How to create a nickname

Although it seems that we are quick to receive low ratings, we humbly accept harsh feedback as long as it is not misinformation or vilification, and we take it into consideration for our operations.

It is not restricted to customers who have sold records, and mail order customers can also participate.
Harsh feedback can provide the tension needed to make improvements.
Warm words provide us with profound encouragement.
We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Google reviews

The whole staff is sincerely looking forward to your continued patronage!

Snow Records Japan

Tomo Ando

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